New Data Protection Law (DPL): what it means for business companies

With the revision of the DPL, which will come into force in 2022 (presumably from the second half of the year), some important provisions on the processing of personal data will change. Companies will have to comply with stricter rules, adapting their directives and data protection.

But what changes substantially and why this revision?

The revision of the DPL is necessary, in order to adapt to the rules adopted in this context at the European level. In order for the EU to continue to recognize Switzerland as a third state in compliance with data protection, the Swiss DPL must also be renewed and adapted to current needs, as well as align with EU rules. Last but not least, the changed economic and social context (social networks, online sales channels, cloud computing, etc.) also requires an adjustment of the DPL. Thanks to the changes that will be adopted in terms of data protection, it will also be possible in the future to manage and transmit personal data easily and securely between Switzerland and the EU.

Do I also have to adjust my insurance?

Of course! Also from the insurance profile it is essential to evaluate or re-evaluate the scenario linked to civil liability concerning the management of personal data. The revision of the law will further engage the responsibility of those who hold, manage and transmit personal data. For any further information, we are gladly at your disposal: feel free to contact us any time.