The long-awaited legal report of the Ombudsman, in which many have turned to denouncing their insurer's refusal of benefits for the economic losses due to the closure and detentions imposed since March 15th, will be made public by May 15th. Insurers are already holding thie report: all the insurance companies are evaluating how to react and are preparing a strategy to offer a speedy liquidation, without prejudice to the question relating to the conditions of the insurance policies, in order to avoid to procrastinate any longer their final decision and consequent bad feelings. Someone has already come out with a decision, while others will do it in days. The feelings are positive: the insurers have understood the exceptional nature of the event and will likely show that they are flexible in a similar circumstance. Not least with a thought aimed at the protection of their own image. For those who have not yet proceeded to notify the case to his own insurer, or if in possession of a refusal to submit to the Ombudsman, please feel free to contact us any time: we will be happy to assist and support you. If you prefer to contact the Ombudsman directly, we provide you with the Ombudsman's contacts for Italian-speaking Switzerland: Tel. 091 967 17 83 Contact us: we are at your disposal, for any support or advice. Together to return to normal! We are there

Ares Insurance Serivices: official insurance partner of CURAVIVA Switzerland

We announce with pleasure and pride that we have been officially chosen and nominated as a reference partner in the insurance sector for Italian Switzerland, by CURAVIVA Switzerland. CURAVIVA is the association of Swiss social and health care institutions ( ). From today we are able to offer all CURAVIVA partners of Ticino and Grigioni Italiano insurance services and submit their attractive insurance proposals, negotiated specifically according to all the needs of those who work in this important sector.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is around the corner: are you ready and informed about it?

Today, February 14. 2018, there are less than 100 days (99 to be exact) with the entry into force of the new European law, to which Switzerland is also aligned, on data protection (GDPR). The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years ( We are here to make sure you are prepared, informed and, if you wish, well insured. On 25 May 2018 the new regulation will find its concrete application. The effects of GDPR can not be underestimated and neglected. It is therefore worthwhile to move in time, so that even for your company you can take all the necessary precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises, including economic losses. Do not hesitate! Contact us to find out more.

We offer SERVICES and we want to be the best: this is how we present today

Ares Insurance Broker changes name and is renamed ARES INSURANCE SERVICES. The new business name emphasizes the constant closeness to the customer, in fulfilling all his needs, to serve him in the best, in any situation. Whether it's a simple information, a claim to announce, a vehicle change, or any other issue, our motto is "How can I help you?" ARES INSURANCE SERVICES, has strengthened its actual team! The new Salese consultant Tarcisio Gottardi (with thirty years' experience in the insurance industry) is now part of the "ARES" team, which is joined by Angelo Pagnamenta, who joined ARES since January 2016, after a lifetime into the insurance business. Enhanced the "sales sector", it was also necessary to "reinforce" the back office, to further improve the service and respond more and more quickly to every request. They are now part of the back office Carmela Meninno (a very close assistant of Ares Pagnamenta for a decade), Tania Peverelli, Gabriele Boselli, Aronne Pagnamenta and Laura Pagnamenta (20%). From June 1, 2017 ARES INSURANCE SERIVCES is co-operating with the new insurance brokerage company ABC Brokers Group SA, providing the support they need to be able to operate on the market, leveraging the collaboration that ARES INSURANCE SERVICES has in force with all major insurance companies based in Switzerland, as well as access to international markets and Lloyd's in London.

Earthquakes: pay attention to your insurance coverage!

The recent earthquake that hit central Italy has raised many questions about the insurance coverage in a dramatic and unpredictable similar event in Switzerland. Insurance coverage in the event of earthquakes, for the cantons where there is no obligation to make a cantonal coverage against fire/damage nature, is not given, under the cover fire/damage of nature, provided by private insurance companies. Don't worry! It is possible to include this important coverage in your property insurance. Contact us and we will provide you the right assistance and we will advise you about to insure this risk!

Hackers and cyber crime insurance

The costs generated by hackers and cybercrime in general during 2015 were almost equal to the costs generated by all natural disasters in the whole world! Yes, this statement is widely proven and also the Chamber of Commerce of our State (Cantone Ticino, Switzerland) recently held an information evening to raise awareness on this important issue, which may lead to bankruptcy of a company, if this risk is underestimated. No matter the field of activity where you are professionally active, as well as if you are active in e-commerce. Each of us is vulnerable at this risk! The good news is that now there are excellent insurance solutions that will allow you to sleep soundly and peacefully. Contact us for advice, without obligation!

It's time of analysis and budget. Password: save!

Do you really want to save money on your insurance? Call us and we'll present you a free analysis of your insurance portfolio. Based on our experience we guarantee a minimum savings of 25%! You want to test us? Contact us any time! We are mainly focused on corporates. self-employed workers and municipalities.