About us / Vision / Mission / Values

Vision Statement

To be the trusted partner and point of reference for all insurance services intended for companies, freelancers and public entities.

Mission Statement

We want to instill security in our clients through tailor-made solutions, ensuring transparency, excellence and quality in risk assessment.

Mission Statement

We take decisions daily with positive moral values such as integrity, responsibility, discipline, humility and teamwork.

Honesty and responsibility for our actions are the fundamental principles to gain trust and respect from our clients.

Experience and continuous training allow us to effectively resolve any situation.

We take the safety of our clients to heart with great dedication and determination.

"I knew Ares via BNI (Business Network International - www.bnischweiz.ch) of which we are both part in Lugano. I approached a person from the rare quality; its delicate and simple approach to others, makes his knowledge very pleasant, allowing to go beyond the typical professional relationship. His way of being, made sure that I had the confidence to propose him in our company to examine and expose all our insurance situation. Thanks to his professionalism and extensive knowledge of the industry, he has made us aware that for years we were not properly insured. He proposed and explained in detail an insurance renewal plan, taking the time to understand our business needs and responding to our every doubt and question. This is why we decided to appoint him as our insurance broker, in order to manage all our insurances

Sarah Schlatter - Chairman of the Board of Directors GIARDINI SCHLATTER SA, SORENGO