About us / Team

Our TEAM is currently composed of:
Ares Pagnamenta (FINMA 11391)
Managing Director, business analyst, case manager for claims supervision
Tarcisio Gottardi (FINMA 20891)
Professional consultant and business analyst
Angelo Pagnamenta (FINMA 14290)
Professional Consultant
Annamaria Tanzi (FINMA 26077)
Life and pension professional assistant
Carmela Meninno (FINMA 32182)
Assistant to the corporate customer, management of business policies and claims, responsible for assessments and business insurance analysis
Gabriele Boselli (FINMA 28467)
Assistant to corporate clients, management of business policies and claims & Lloyd's account manager
Aronne Pagnamenta (FINMA 36581)
Assistant to the private and corporate customer, management of business and privates policies and claims
Albana Maksuti
Reception, client and agents assistant
Laura Pagnamenta
Back Office Assistant and administrative management
Ares and his team are really unbeatable !!! The preparation and competence are the main characteristics of Ares Insurance. Competent and quick assistants support Ares, the number one insurer! They always try to please their clients and they do their best in order to provide the right insurance coverage, according to the client's needs. Absolutely to recommend to anyone !!!