Services / Specialization for particular risk

Our areas of specialization for particular risks

Every need is carefully evaluated by us with every customer. We can offer individual solutions for the protection of highly sensitive and risks for which it often tends to believe that there is an insurance solution . We offer tailor -made solutions , negotiated with the international markets, respectively, with Lloyd’s of London. Areas where we operate:

  • Financial risks
  • Political Risks, extortion and kidnapping
  • Healthcare abroad
  • Pension plan and staff abroad
  • Capital invalidity and survivors benefit
  • Disability sports coverage and bonuses for achieving athletic goals
  • Art, antiques and vintage vehicles
  • Yachts and boats
  • Events and demonstrations
  • Civil liability in specific areas, such as aesthetic medicine, aviation risk, etc.
  • Civil liability of directors and governing bodies, auditors and accountants

For banks and asset management companies swe are able to offer solutions for all financial risks, in the case of employee dishonesty, breach of duty and cyber crimes.

The risks associated with health care and employee benefits outside of Switzerland, who works for a fixed or indefinite period abroad, are insured through us, with tailor-made solutions.

Terrorism, political risks, extortion and kidnapping. We are able to offer solutions that protect a company from the risk of physical loss or damage to property, resulting from the action of individuals or groups acting with a political, religious and / or ideological goal, even without government involvement. Included in this coverage: terrorism, war, coups, revolutions, sabotage, civil commotion, strikes and mutiny.

Property, abroad, as well as boats and yachts in the entire world, are easily insurable through us.

Collections, art objects, antiques, vintage vehicles: we offer the right product all-risks, according to the individual needs of each owner or collector, including the transportation and temporary storage in secondary sites, handling, operations of loading and unloading. The cover also operates in temporary exhibitions or for travel at the restorers.

The organizer of events is subject to many risks: the impossibility of performing for cancellation by the artists, weather condition risk, the liability as organizer, the infrastructure rented during the transport, assembly, manifestation and dismantling. The risk of failure and a serious financial loss is high: protect is almost a must.

The world of elite athletes cinvolves risks both for the actors involved, and those who direct and administer important elite clubs. For the athlete is essential to have a guarantee in the event of disability, while for sports clubs is important to insure the financial cause, related to reaching important results. The bonus to be paid to the players and staff are insurable. It is also important to insure the civil liability of the Directors ‘and Officers’ (D&O) of the sports clubs.

In the field of liability we offer complete custom solutions that respond to very specific needs, often declined by conventional insurance companies: cosmetic and plastic medicine/surgery, third party liability in the world of space and aeronautic, civil liability related to the world of finance and asset management, Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) in every field.

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