What we offer

A single trusted partner, completely independent

ares INSURANCE SERVICES does not represent a single insurance company, but all of the major and best insurance company authorized in Switzerland, with the power to find solutions on the international markets and Lloyd’s of London. The customer has a single interlocutor, which ensures a homogeneous relationship with any insurer able to provide him with the best solution available on the market.

Saving costs, time and personnel

The transfer of the administration of the insurance package to ares INSURANCE SERVICES is free of charge, since is the broker directly commissioned by the insurers with which it has an agreement , at no additional cost on insurance premiums.
The client benefits from a specialist in insurance, at no cost, which saves time, money and personnel. In a market, oriented especially to the saving of cost and time, it is extremely important to have a highly specialized partner, which operates solely in the interests of his client: ares insurance broker is distinguished by professionalism, care and attention with which manages the relationship.

Common Goals

The client wants to be assisted before, during and after the signing of an insurance contract. All this must be done quickly and timely, especially when there is an accident. The quality of the service offered by ares INSURANCE SERVICES reflects the expectations of the client in meeting his every need, so transparent, pragmatic, with integrity and personality.

The decision to rely on ares insurance services has allowed me to have a single contact for managing all my insurance, resulting in significant savings in time and money. For example, we replaced a vehicle: the car dealer could not even comprehend how low the price for the insurance of my car that Ares was able to get me, was possible, with all the required covers, and, in addition to this, he never experienced before an exchange so friendly with an insurer. Indeed Ares is more than one insurer, a consultant dedicated to finding the best solution for its customers

Jean-Claude Luvini – Founder & DirectorMasaba Coffee Switzerland